~ One Super Hot Cowboy ~

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Talk about an athlete! He moves out, stops quick, and turns even quicker. He has the heart to go with all his abilities. He is connected, and collected, ready for a job in ANY direction. This horse has mind blowing stamina and if you’re on the road will be ready and happy to work every day. Flaming Fire Water’s top performers include Flaming Pastem ($92,385), Shes Free To Flame ($77,426), and Ima Flaming Fire ($11,906). We’ve crossed the turn from Flaming Fire Water with the speed from Corona Cartel for the perfect combination. PAID IN FULL—FUTURE FORTUNES & WPRA PESI · TRIPLE CROWN 100 ELIGIBLE


Flaming Fire Water Cowgirl Cartel Fire Water Flit My Easter Flame Corona Cartel Casual Slip Knot Flit Bar Slash J Harletta Flaming Jet Otoe Glo Miss Holland Ease Corona Chick Strawfly Special Casual Eyes

Horse Details

Breed AQHA
Gender Sorrel Colt
Foaled April 13, 2015
AQHA Number 5707333
Contact Name Lisa Anderson
Contact Number (406) 579-1540

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