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~ Featured Horses ~

~ Breeding Program ~

The Copper Spring Ranch breeding program is focused on producing American Quarter Horses that excel in the barrel racing and western performance arenas. The foals raised at the ranch combine the genetics of the nation’s leading speed-bred stallions with broodmares that carry the tried-and-true blood lines that provide the foundation for success in the winner’s circle.

Prime Talent is the ranch’s featured stallion with proven money earning blood lines on the top and bottom side. This provides the right genetics to guarantee speed, conformation and intelligence. Prime Talent foals have earned over a million dollars on the track and are now beginning to build a solid reputation in the barrel racing world. In addition, to the outstanding offspring sired by Prime Talent, the ranch offers horses sired by Dash Ta Fame, Frenchmans Guy, Corona Cartel, PYC Paint Your Wagon, Flaming Fire Water, One Famous Eagle and other leading sires.

Our carefully selected broodmares carry the elite bloodlines that help their foals to excel in both speed events and in the western performance arena. They are selected because of their pedigree, conformation, performance records and results of their offspring.