CSR Futurity, Derby & Open 5D 2017

CSR Futurity, Derby & Open 5D 2017


September 21 Open riding noon–2pm, Exhibitions 2–6pm

September 22  Futurity/Derby check-in 8–10am, Exhibitions 8–12:30pm
$15,000 Added Futurity 1st Go 1pm, $5,000 Added Derby starts one hour after end of Futurity
Futurity/Derby entries ­exhibitions 4:30–6:30pm, Open exhibitions 6:30–9:30pm

September 23  Futurity 2nd Go 8:30am. Derby starts one hour after end of Futurity.
$1000 bonus to 2D Futurity ­Avg Winner. Open 5D $2500 added starts one hour
­after end of Derby. 3D Youth Sidepot $250 added (18 & under), full-second splits

September 24 Exhibitions 7:15–9:45am, Church 10–11am.
Open 5D $2500 added starts at noon. 3D Youth Sidepot $250 added (18 & under)
Copper Spring Classic $5000 added 5D will run in conjunction with the Open 5D
$10,000 Added Future Fortunes Bonus to Copper Spring Classic for Eligible Horses
$500 Added Myers Ranch 2D Futurity Sidepot on Sunday

Futurity and Derby Payments Due July 15, August 10 and September 10

$5000 Added Future Fortunes Futurity Bonus for Eligible Horses

Location: Copper Spring Ranch Indoor Performance Arena

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